Here a few photos of Libby from the last year or two. You can use the filters below to just see certain images by category.

All photos by Fat Fox Photography and copyright Libby Hart Dressage. Please do contact us if you want to use these images for anything – please don’t just take them!

Libby cuddling Arnie2017-04-02T14:33:11+01:00
Libby kissing horse2017-04-02T13:51:54+01:00
Libby practising showjumping2017-04-02T13:47:31+01:00
Libby watching at Water Farm2017-04-02T13:46:16+01:00
Libby watching at Water Farm2017-04-02T13:43:49+01:00
Libby & Arnie2017-04-02T13:41:25+01:00
Showjumping at Newton Hall2017-04-02T13:39:24+01:00
Showjumping at Newton Hall2017-04-02T13:38:02+01:00
Libby kissing Arnie2017-04-02T13:36:32+01:00
Culford team2017-04-02T13:34:26+01:00
Libby & Arnie2017-04-02T13:27:43+01:00
Congratulating Arnie2017-04-02T13:16:14+01:00
Libby and Arnie2017-04-02T13:15:17+01:00
Exercise bandages2017-04-02T13:13:24+01:00
Libby getting ready for dressage lessons2017-04-02T13:09:11+01:00
Libby getting ready for dressage lessons2017-04-02T13:07:20+01:00
Libby taking a dressage lesson2017-04-02T13:06:12+01:00
Libby hugging Arnie2017-04-02T13:05:10+01:00
Libby competing at Boyton Hall2017-04-02T13:02:59+01:00
Libby competing at Boyton Hall2017-04-02T13:01:50+01:00