I started to learn a new move today called “shoulder in”.

It’s a lateral move in dressage that is used to make Arnie more supple and balanced and encourages him to use his hindquarters. To do this right Arnie must not only bend through his ribcage but also stretch his inside hind leg further under his body.

As his inside hind leg stretches and reaches under his body, his inside hip drops more than it does in a normal forward stride. This requires lots of muscle effort as he shifts his weight onto the inside hind leg and moves forward while completely balanced and on a straight track.  Like leg yielding this is a tricky move to master properly.  It helps me to come off a small circle first and then ask for the movement as he gets tricked into thinking he’s still on a circle.

Clever me, silly pony 🙂   This video is our first attempt. I hope to keep posting to show you all our progress.