Trailblazers is a competition that  provides unaffiliated competitors an opportunity to qualify and compete at the Trailblazers Championship Finals.  I qualified for the first round at Topthorn Arena in Prelim with over 58% mark a few weeks back which to be honest wasn’t that great a score, so my trainer and me really went to work!

I then qualified for the second round at Anvil Park stud with over 62% which was a vast improvement, but I unfortunately lost 6 marks because my caller got things mixed up!   The judge wrote on my test ‘sack the caller’ which I did.  It felt weird to fire your own mum.  It was a valuable lesson to learn all tests!

I then did my first round qualification for the Novice section on test number 30 and scored 62.11% to not only qualify for the second round of Trailblazers but also came 3rd overall which I was really pleased about as we were competing against all adults on their giant warmbloods!   I then went into the second round qualification on test number 34 and scored 64.16% coming fourth overall and easily qualifying for both Prelim and Novice levels at the national championships at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire in the summer.   Now the hard work begins!

Libby with Arnie holding rosettes